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August 16, 2017

Five Fundamentals for Successful Restoration of Disturbed Lands

Successful restoration of disturbed land requires a comprehensive and holistic approach. Those overseeing land rehabilitation efforts should integrate the five fundamentals for successful land restoration into their projects. This presentation will provide details on the five fundamentals along with real world examples of success and challenges.

September 20, 2017

Construction Site Compliance in 10 Easy Steps

“Talk is cheap – but it can really make your project profitable!” Construction sites are dynamic, complicated processes that are in constant change. Maintaining environmental compliance on these sites is very challenging. In addition is remains constant and is seldom something that you can “checkoff the list”. The one item that assists most during this strategy for compliance is communication. This webinar will discuss 10 simple communication strategies that, when implemented, assist your project with continuity and profit for environmental compliance. Whether you are a regulatory professional who is trying to maintain compliance within a jurisdiction or a construction professional trying to keep your project moving forward – this course is for you. Designers, you may want to pay attention because these are often the reasons your SWPPP’s are not properly implemented. Join me for an hour of action packed items that can really make a difference on your next project. Communication is by far the most underutilized BMP on every single construction project…. This webinar will provide the participant with training and skills to comply with regulations, ensure sensitive resources remain protected, and properly document activities during the construction project. In addition, this webinar will discuss how to communicate with regulatory and design professionals in order to accomplish a common goal – a compliance complete construction project. SWPPP’s are required on every construction site that disturbs one acre or more. This webinar will teach the participants how to get the SWPPP out of the office, and correctly implemented in the field.

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