ASTM Specifications

Presented by Ian Corne, CPESC, M.Land.Arch., B.E.S.

ASTM is an excellent resource as it references standards reached by industry community consensus. This session will outline methods of writing tight specifications for higher value structures. This session will also outline how to differentiate ASTM protocols and how to cite application-appropriate ASTM specifications.

Ian Corne, CPESC, M.Land.Arch., B.E.S.

Technical Specialist, GeoHydraulics - Nilex Civil Environmental Group

Ian Corne, CPESC, M.Land.Arch., B.E.S. is the Technical Specialist, GeoHydraulics, with Nilex Civil Environmental Group, a geosynthetics solutions, distribution and construction company. With fifteen years geosynthetics industry experience, Ian Corne is a Subject Matter Expert in conveyance armouring and slope stabilization utilizing geosynthetic products and geosynthetically reinforced vegetation. Ian’s professional focus is on expanding his expertise on the subject of failure mechanisms of traditionally designed and constructed hydraulic conveyance structures and civil grades.