The City of Calgary Erosion and Sediment Control Specifications – Supporting the Conversation

Presented by Katherine Mitchell, EP, CPESC, CISEC

This presentation will explain why The City of Calgary created Standard ESC Specifications and how they are supporting the conversations around construction site ESC planning. There will be a brief overview of the history leading up to the decision to create specifications, along with examples that show how this change is benefiting consultants, contractors, and The City. Details will be provided on the content of the Standard Specifications ESC, including general requirements, erosion controls, sediment controls and support practices. The presentation will cover how the Standard Specifications are amended and updated to allow for continued improvements and evolution. Lastly, information will be shared that explains how the specifications form part of a legal authorization making them worth the paper that they are written on.

Katherine Mitchell, EP, CPESC, CISEC

Katherine Mitchell has over seventeen years of experience in environmental protection having worked for various agencies such as Alberta Parks, Fish and Wildlife and Alberta Environment. She is presently employed at The City of Calgary with Water Resources, where her work focuses on ESC and construction-related storm water quality management. She has her Environmental Professional Certification in the areas of education and training, policy and legislation and communications and public awareness. Katherine has a passion for process development and implementation and she recently played an integral part in the creation of The City of Calgary’s Standard Specifications – Erosion and Sediment Control.