Woolpert As a leading architecture, engineering, and geospatial firm, Woolpert has worked with many of the nation’s largest cities, counties and utilities to improve the way they plan, design, operate and manage their assets. Our unique structure enables us to approach water regulatory compliance issues from a truly integrated perspective. We combine expertise in wastewater and stormwater management with advancements in asset management to arrive at the forefront of a new engineering paradigm.


NTU, Inc is a comprehensive firm, certified by NCDOT as a DBE/WBE/SBE for consulting, sub-contracting and vending.


SW Products, LLC is an environmental manufacturing company. We produce the Marlee Float™ Skimmer, a stormwater/erosion control device. The company’s founder and CEO, Jamie McCutchen, is a licensed civil engineer (SC, NC, GA) and invented the Marlee Float™ Skimmer in 2012. The skimmer is a surface drain device used in new construction for erosion control, or it can be installed for permanent use in residential and commercial BMPs (retention and detention) ponds . Many states have adopted the use of skimmers to meet EPA requirements. We currently distribute our product in 10 states through an exclusive distributor network.


Carolina Hydrologic, LLC

Carolina Hydrologic is the exclusive distributor of HydroLoc products, a family of products representing a new generation of resource management. HydroLoc products are indispensible tools to conserve water and other resources, while at the same time controlling run off and leaching of nutrients and other soil amendments. 

United Storm Water, Inc.

United Storm Water, Inc. is a forerunner in storm water remediation and storm water management services with an outstanding level of technical experience, physical resources and innovative solutions. Using advanced technologies in storm water management, we help our customers protect vital resources and reduce the amount of harmful contaminants that can enter waterways through storm drains. 

Profile Products

Based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Profile Products manufactures and distributes proven solutions that help you thrive in a competitive environment while enhancing the natural environment of the sites you serve. It’s our mission to consistently help our customers establish sustainable green space through water and soil management and plant establishment. 

JW Faircloth & Son, Inc.

The Faircloth Skimmer® surface drain floats on the surface of the sediment basin as it fills and drains, releasing the cleanest water in the basin instead of draining from the bottom as conventional outlets do. The adjustable orifice regulates the filling and drawdown of the basin and improves efficiency. 

Blocksom & Co

Blocksom & Co. is a diversified manufacturer of a wide variety of natural fiber products. These products are marketed throughout the continental United States and Canada to supply the demands of industries.

Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.

Applied Polymer Systems (APS) uses an innovative approach for the performance optimization of polymer applications. Unlike conventional techniques that tend to only "get close", APS precisely matches the correct polymer to the desired application. Results are increased performance and reduced cost.

Hanes Geo Components

As a division of Leggett & Platt, Hanes benefits from the resources and support of a global, engineered products manufacturer. Through the acquisition of top companies, Hanes Geo Components has already established itself as a nationwide resource of product knowledge and supply. With Hanes' rapidly expanding network of regional distribution facilities across North America, chances are we have a service and stocking facility near you. Our premier product portfolio includes TerraTex geotextiles which have been of the highest quality for over 25 years.

Massey Logistics

Massey Logistics LLC is a logistics, soil amendment and soil ameliorant products company providing varies forms of polyacrylamide (polymer), gypsum and class A exceptional quality (EQ) organic bio-solid fertilizer for use in erosion control, agriculture, industrial applications, waste water spray field treatment, turf grass and other commercial applications and products in North America and abroad.


Flexamat® is manufactured by Motz Enterprises, Inc. Our Tied Concrete Block Mat (TCBM) is constructed from individual concrete blocks tied together with high strength polypropylene bi-axial geogrid. Flexamat® can be manufactured as three separate products, with three separate underlays as a system. First, with a 12-18 month degradable excelsior blanket (Curlex® II), second, with a permanent synthetic erosion control blanket (Recyclex® TRM-V) for steeper slope application or below water, and third, with a non-woven geotextile fabric for soil specific sites. These systems are then packaged as one unit in rolls up to 75’ in length and widths of 4’, 5.5’, 8’, 10’, 12’, and 16’. Please visit our website www.flexamat.com.

Source Molecular Corporation

Source Molecular Corporation is a private commercial laboratory that helps watershed managers identify the source of fecal bacteria in the water. We have licenses from the U.S. EPA to use their patented genetic testing methods for the detection of Human, Cattle, Chicken and Dog fecal pollution. We can also detect fecal bacteria from Swine, Gull, Goose, Deer, Elk, Horse, Bird, Beaver and Ruminant. Our laboratory also provides pathogen testing service using digital PCR.

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