Guidance During and After Construction to Ensure Successful Operations of Post-Construction BMPs

Presented by Tyler Dell

According to Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits, post-construction best management practices (BMPs) are required to treat stormwater from any new or redevelopments of one acre or greater. MS4 permits are issued to cities, counties, agencies, and institutions, all of which, under their permit, are required to install, inspect and maintain these post-construction BMPs. Since large investments are being made into post-construction BMPs it is important to ensure that these facilities are being constructed and maintained properly to ensure long-term operation. The Colorado Stormwater Center currently offers a training course for any stormwater professionals who wish to learn how to inspect and maintain their post-construction water quality BMPs. Additionally, the Colorado Stormwater Center is designing a similar course following post-construction water quality BMPs throughout the construction process. By providing guidance regarding activities that could be conducted throughout the life of post-construction BMPs, it is desired that each of these facilities could be operated for their entire design-life at cost effective rates.

Installing and maintaining operational post-construction best management practices (BMPs) for stormwater management is a growing concern across the nation. As more post-construction BMPs are being implemented and evaluated, a set of guidelines has arisen that can help improve design life, reduce maintenance costs, and provide reliable operations of stormwater BMPs. Guidelines will be presented for ensuring operational BMPs throughout the construction process and the design life of the post-construction BMP.

Tyler Dell

Program Manager

Colorado Stormwater Center (CSU)

Tyler Dell is a Research Associate at Colorado State University with a Master’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Currently he is focusing on research as it relates to urban stormwater and using green infrastructure and low impact development to mitigate the impacts of urbanization. Tyler is also the Program Manager for the Colorado Stormwater Center where his responsibilities include providing contract research services for municipalities in Colorado, organizing and teaching workshops for stormwater personnel regarding post-construction stormwater best management practices, as well as providing support to Colorado residents regarding stormwater questions they may have.

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