Keynote Presentation: Making Environmental Compliance Happen

Presented by Jennifer Hildebrand

Through a series of experience-based steps, I will provide the audience with realistic examples of how to gain site wide compliance through non-traditional methods. These proven methods will provide compliance benefits; they will motivate construction workers, and they will assist in overcoming typical job site obstacles. Audience members will participate in active polling to gain ownership in the results and engage with me throughout the keynote speech. The average participant should walk away energized, engaged, and ready to deploy alternative approaches on their existing projects.  

Participants in this course will walk away with tools to change their typical designs and processes into profitable, innovative solutions that allow compliance to exist on their projects. These tools will not only become effective measurement devices, they will inspire breakthrough insights to environmental compliance techniques. Further, participants will participate in group exercises and course discussions to benefit from real world examples. Although regulations from the United States will be of primary focus; international performance of BMP’s, inspection techniques, and quality assurance provisions are not exclusive to the political boundaries of one specific country. The techniques we will learn about are truly international and applicable anywhere that stormwater runoff is of concern.

Finally, participants in this course will be able to integrate several, concrete steps to change the condition of their existing projects to environmentally compliant, profitable projects. Take the time to refresh your set of skills on stormwater compliance, learn more profitable techniques, and experience lessons from project experience in several areas to bring back to your site. You will not be disappointed, this course is fast paced, filled with realistic tools, and designed with the end user benefits in mind.
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Jennifer Hildebrand

Environmental Compliance Group Manager

WSB & Associates, Inc. 

Jennifer Hildebrand, CPESC, CPSWQ, CESSWI, CISEC has been involved in the erosion and sediment industry for over 18 years. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Augsburg College, and specializes in compliance strategies within the stormwater market. She is a registered Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control and a registered Certified Professional in Stormwater Quality. She is a registered Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Stormwater Inspector. She is also a Certified Inspector for Sediment and Erosion Control. Currently employed by Weis Builders, Jennifer's experience and industry involvement allow WSB to deliver excellence in environmental compliance to their clients. Her specialties include stormwater compliance issues, training and awareness programs, site inspection programs, compliance program design, and site plan reviews. She has developed and delivered education and compliance programs in both the construction and post construction stormwater market. Her involvement in the construction industry has provided her with valuable experience in a wide variety of stormwater compliance products and services. As a result, Jennifer has developed a selection of technologies that involve several methods of hydraulic application techniques and biotechnical stabilization practices throughout the United States and Canada. This private industry experience and public representation experience provides opportunities for facilitation of appropriate stormwater, erosion, sediment, control programs and techniques. In addition, this experience also illuminates the challenges and opportunities that exist in post construction phases of stormwater compliance. Jennifer has gained valuable insight into the realities of land development, commerce, and environmental impacts in the stormwater industry as a result of her involvement with these non-profit entities, as well as the private sector of this business. Among these organizations she has given numerous presentations on proper management practices, installation techniques, full day programs on erosion and sediment control practices, along with numerous product specific presentations. Her presentations and classes have been conducted in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, New Mexico,