Keynote Presentation: Connecting Particle Size Distribution with BMP Performance and Surface Water Quality

Presented by Erick McWayne

Stormwater BMP performance for sediment removal is often described statistically by the percent reduction of concentration or load. These methods often do not consider the particle size distribution (PSD) of the suspended sediment. The ability of BMPs to reduce suspended sediment concentration is directly related to the PSD. Additionally, the sorbed contaminant load on the suspended sediment is directly related to PSD. In this presentation we will explore how PSD affects the transport and fate of suspended sediment and sorbed contaminants (e.g., metals), and how PSD impacts BMP performance and surface water quality.

Erick McWayne

Executive Director

National Environmental Management Academy

Erick McWayne has twenty-three years of professional experience in water quality management and teaching related courses. As a consultant, he managed contaminated surface water and groundwater projects for the Department of Defense and other clients. He currently provides consulting support to water quality projects and teaches courses in contaminant chemistry, transport and fate, geochemistry, hydrogeology, remediation, stormwater and surface water management, and contaminant attenuation with both the University of California Davis and the National Environmental Management Academy. Between teaching and consulting, Erick develops surface water and stormwater treatment technologies.

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