Who’s job is it anyway? A Business Model Evaluation for Construction Compliance and Enforcement

Presented by Darren Mollendor, PE

The City and County of Denver has spent the last 18 months evaluating heavy civil construction expectations and levels of service for erosion control compliance and enforcement. Mr. Mollendor will review these findings and discuss some of the bigger picture items from the business prospective of construction inspection and compliance.

Additional takeaways include:
      1) Business model pitfalls of compliance and enforcement;
       2) Heavy civil inspection and delivery of services; and
       3) The yin and yang of flexible contracting alternatives

Darren Mollendor, PE

Senior Engineer

City and County of Denver Wastewater Management Division

Darren Mollendor is a Sr. Engineer with the City and County of Denver Wastewater Management Division. Over the last 14 years he has focused on Public Works Operations Engineering and MS4 permit implementation. His interests include long walks off short piers and inspecting construction sites in the evenings and weekends (When no one is around).