Broad Branch Stream Restoration Project

The restoration of the Linnean Park tributary and daylighting and restoration of Broad Branch are two linked projects located in Northwest, Washington DC. The goal of this effort was to restore in-stream habitat and improve the urban hydrology of these two tributaries that flow to Rock Creek through a combination of bioretention, RSC design, and stream daylighting.

Presented by Chris Becraft and Keith Pivonski - Underwood and Associates

Chris Becraft - Project Manager

From contract award through final construction, Chris supervises and coordinates the planning, design/permit, and construction of all ecosystem restoration projects to ensure they are completed on time and within budget. In particular, Chris works collaboratively with clients, inspectors, client engineers, project partners, and all Underwood & Associate staff to ensure all expectations are met and all deliverables are achieved.

Keith Pivonski - Construction Manager

Keith (KP) is responsible for construction oversight and works directly with staff and subcontractors, grant writing organizations, and Federal, state, and local regulators to ensure our projects meet all of our goals. He started as an intern with U&A in his final semester at College Park and was hired full time upon graduation. In his short, three-year tenure KP has risen from field coordinator to construction manager. His favorite U&A project is Pope Branch, the longest linear feet of stream restoration constructed in U&A project history. He has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Resources and Management from the University of Maryland, College Park where he specialized in wetland science and research methodology. He is especially passionate about our Chesapeake Bay and MD Coastal Bays ecosystems.

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