Taking the Puzzle out of Erosion & Sediment Control Plans by Picking the Pieces that Work for You

Katherine Mitchell, EP, CPESC, CAN-CISEC

A Leading Canadian Municipality Shares: Calgary’s ESCP Experiences & Lessons Learned. This presentation will cover the evolution of ESCP’s within The City of Calgary over the past two decades. From the influence of regulatory frameworks and municipal processes to submission requirements, application formats, and standard specifications. By reviewing the present-day ESCP application documents and process, attendees will gain an understanding of the purpose and value of each requirement. Having this knowledge and clarity will encourage participant to build ESCP that align with their local regulatory frameworks and processes while taking into account the status quo of ESC in the region. Effective ESCP’s are those that support the conversation between consultants, contractors, installers, inspectors, and regulators over the entire duration of the construction project. This presentation will give the audience building blocks to support excellent communication on their next construction project.

Katherine Mitchell, EP, CPESC, CISEC

Katherine Mitchell, has over twenty years of experience in environmental protection having worked for various agencies such as Alberta Parks, Fish and Wildlife and Alberta Environment. She is presently employed at The City of Calgary with Water Resources, where her work focuses on erosion and sediment control and construction related storm water quality management. She has her Environmental Professional Certification in the areas of education and training, policy and legislation and communications and public awareness. Katherine has a passion for process development and was the author of The City’s most recent Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) Application and associated instruction manual. Recently, she also played an integral part in the development of The City of Calgary’s very first Standard Specifications – Erosion and Sediment Control, which now form a part of all approved ESCP’s in Calgary.