Erosion and Sediment Control Plans For and From Different Types of Lands



ESC’s, ESCP’s, SWPPP’s, they may have different names in different places however they all aim to accomplish the same goals. Identify the risks of pollution to the environment based on tasks necessary to complete the project then describe the management practices to reduce those risks. Pollution is not limited to sediment from erosion of site soils but also wastes from tool clean up beyond concrete washout, dust and debris from demolition, and all other potential releases from all other activities. Duly diligent analysis of the project tasks from start to finish is necessary for compliance as well as preparing good plans. The best plans will actually increase productivity and profitability. This presentation will look at the building blocks of better ESC’s and how to organize them into a meaningful plan for project managers.


Alex Zimmerman brings over 20 years of large scale construction and reclamation experience to Erosion and Sediment Control and stormwater training. From large disturbance, linear, and single-family construction to restoration and emergency landslide repair, his experiences add to informative trainings on real world issues for construction site and facility operators, inspectors, and designers. Alex has been helping project teams succeed by planning for the productive and compliant completion of varied construction and restoration projects. Alex has been recognized by various associations and agencies for his professional course preparation and delivery. Developing custom trainings for audiences as varied as Alaska Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska Department of Transportation, South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association, Building Industry Association of Washington, North Dakota Solid Waste & Recycling Association, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Northwest Territories Department of Transportation, and the British Columbia Erosion and Sediment Control Association. Alex stays up to date and informed on the latest regulations and compliance challenges. He was a past recipient of the Educational Achievement award by the International Erosion Control Association.