Calgary Regional Workshop Information

Presented by: Alex Zimmerman CPESC, CISEC, CESSWI, AK-BC-NT-WA-CESCL

Impacts of Erosion and the Factors that Influence it

Understanding the impacts of erosion and the influencing factors guides the design and implementation of proper erosion and sediment control planning and implementation. When site conditions or schedules change the same plan or management practices may need to be adjusted. Participants will better understand the fundamentals of effective erosion and sediment control risk management for best practice selection and plan design.

Designing With the Best of the Best Management Practices

Beyond silt fence, as technology improves and better outcomes are required by regulators and owners alike the same, tired, old ineffective BMPs are no longer favorable. With outcome and performance based design standards becoming more common a better understanding the limits and capabilities of BMS is critical. While simple and effective is preferred on occasion chemical treatment may be necessary. This presentation will cover from the simple to the best of the best for both erosion prevention and sediment control.

Inspection and Documentation

With the ever-expanding liability for site operators demonstrating due diligence is critical to protect owners, and operators alike. While regulations drive minimum inspection and documentation requirements the standard of duly diligent mandates a higher level of documentation. This presentation will review the regulatory requirements and discuss the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance.

Biotic Soil Amendments for Site Reclamation

The process of site restoration has experienced difficulty is achieving the desired outcomes in all site conditions. In recent years with better understanding of the soil conditions has moved the field of site seeding away from the days of "spray and pray." By replacing the microbial communities that are often lost during grading and stockpiling activities sites can better build healthy soils and cycle nutrients for long term vegetation success. This presentation will cover the current standards of practice and discuss how we can simply amend our applications for successful outcomes.

Presented by Alex Zimmerman | Owner | Creative Courses

Alex Zimmerman CPESC, CISEC, CESSWI, AK-BC-NT-WA-CESCL, has been working in the construction and restoration field for over 20 years. He is active in training and development for the construction and stormwater industry and frequently presents at conferences and trade shows. His dynamic presentations offer real world experience and provide attendees with practical tools and techniques to assist in managing challenges in their work environments.