Lessons Learned from St. Louis MSD’s Neighborhood Scale Rain Gardens

Susan McCrary, P.E.

St. Louis MSD started its Green Infrastructure Pilot Program for CSO reduction in 2011, and completed a final report at the end of 2015. This presentation will describe lessons learned from siting, design, construction, and maintenance of MSD’s “neighborhood-scale” bioretention projects.

Presented by Susan McCrary, P.E.

Susan M. McCrary, P.E. is a Principal Engineer with the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. She has a BS and MS in Civil Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology. Ms. McCrary is a Registered Professional Engineer in Missouri. She has 18 years of experience in stormwater management – including extensive work with green infrastructure techniques and stream restoration. Ms. McCrary was the project manager for MSD’s CSO Volume Reduction – Green Infrastructure Pilot Program as well as conducting final design work on MSD’s green infrastructure facilities.