Carolina Hydrologic, LLC

Carolina Hydrologic is the exclusive distributor of HydroLoc products, a family of products representing a new generation of resource management. HydroLoc products are indispensable tools to conserve water and other resources, while at the same time controlling run off and leaching of nutrients and other soil amendments. Carolina Hydrologic is committed to bringing growers, landscapers, designers and contractors innovative and state of the art products to cost effectively manage resources and mitigate environmental impact. 


CloudCompli is powerful stormwater intelligence platform that translates data, such as inspection and monitoring reports, into a systemic understanding through analytics, dashboards, and reports. This enables stormwater managers to better prioritize issues, identify potential pollution sources, and study the overall efficacy of program actions. 


Flexamat is a concrete mat utilized for erosion control on slopes, channels, low water crossings, inlet/outlet protection and shorelines. Vegetation can thrive within Flexamat. Mats packaged in rolls. 


FloodBreak has been installing 100% Passive/Automatic Flood gates since 2002. Our flood gates require no manpower or electricity for deployment. FloodBreak gates have no limitation in height and can go up 250’ in length before a break is required. Our gates have been used on Roadways (HS 25 rated), Vehicle entrances (HS 20 rated), and for Pedestrian traffic. We provide gates for below grade and above grade vent protection. We have been approved and being installed for the MTA to protect the subway from flooding. FloodBreak’s FreeView River Barriers can be installed along rivers, and on boardwalks for additional height protection while not eliminating visibility or access. Clients include the Federal Government, States, Cities, NYC House Authority, NYC Javits Center, NYC Veterans Hospital and NYC University, private industries, etc. Each gate is custom built to your needs, requirements, and have been installed in harsh weather environments throughout the US and on 5 continents.

Profile Products LLC

Proprex GeoSolutions

Propex GeoSolutions is a global leader in manufacturing geosynthetic and erosion control products and solutions. Our portfolio of solutions helps build and rebuild key infrastructure including flood protection, shoreline restoration and slope stabilization. Additionally, our experienced team of certified engineers will support you through the design process and help you create a unique design for your project that meets specifications. We’ll also support your installation efforts through our certified installer program. 

Tennessee Stormwater Association

Tennessee’s Premiere Organization for Stormwater Professionals. TNSA’s mission is to assist local government entities in their efforts to comply with State and Federal clean water laws and Stormwater Regulations and through such assistance, to protect and improve the quality of the waters of Tennessee.