Chesapeake & Coastal Service’s Response to Sea Level Rise and Coastal Resiliency

Alexandra DeWeese & Nicole Carlozo

Through a variety of efforts at the state and local level, the Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays is working to enhance coastal resilience in the face of climate change and its impacts. The Commission regulates land within 1,000 feet of tidal waters, and thus many of the most at-risk areas in the state of Maryland when it comes to climate change. When state development projects are proposed within the Critical Area, Commission staff collaborate with other Maryland state agencies to address coastal vulnerabilities now and into the future. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the history and function of the Critical Area Commission, and review coastal resilience standards required of state agencies proposing projects within it's jurisdiction and discuss examples


Presented by Alexandra DeWeese and Nicole Carlozo

Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays