Case Study: Coastal/Shoreline Protection Projects & Permitting Challenges

Larry G. Trout, Jr., PE and Justin T. Reel, PWS

Education Track: Stormwater Management | Shoreline Restoration

Topics to include USACE/DNREC permitting including time of year restrictions, Statewide Activity Approval (SAA) for shoreline stabilization projects, and Nationwide Permit #27. Design approaches and construction materials will also be discussed. Case studies will include Indian River Living Shoreline, South Wilmington Wetlands and Read Avenue Enhancement of Stormwater Drain Outfall and Living Shoreline.

Presented by Larry G. Trout, Jr., PE

Mr. Trout brings exceptional talent in the areas of water resource engineering. With over 23 years of experience, he has unique expertise in the areas of coastal erosion control and green infrastructure, stream restoration, stormwater management, green stormwater infrastructure, hydraulic and hydrologic routing, watershed modeling, drainage studies, floodplain modeling, erosion and sediment control, flood control design, and master drainage plan preparation throughout the Northeast. He currently manages the Water Resources group for the Wilmington, Delaware office. Experience includes site layout and grading, analysis and design of storm drainage and stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, stream channel and gully improvements, stream bank and coastal shoreline stabilization using both bioengineering and engineering methods, channel erosion control measures, wetland and waterway construction permits, watershed hydraulic/hydrologic modeling, environmental reviews; GIS database development; preparation of plans, hydrologic/hydraulic analysis and reports for structures, storm drains, culverts, stream restoration, wetlands creation, dams and stormwater management facilities; drainage and flooding investigations/remedial actions/construction; construction review; wetland permits; floodplain permits; other permits.

Co-Presented by Justin T. Reel, PWS

Mr. Reel has intimate knowledge of the state and federal permitting processes. He has successfully secured DNREC Wetlands and Subaqueous Land authorizations and USACE nationwide and individual permits in Delaware for the last 18 years. His permitting project experience ranges from large transportation projects to small park improvements and includes living shorelines, dock facilities, trails, bridges, roadways, rail lines, and ecosystem restoration projects. Mr. Reel is also skilled in tidal and non-tidal ecosystem design with successful projects across Delaware. His expertise includes project planning, natural resource investigations, mitigation monitoring, water quality monitoring, section 7 consultation, and habitat assessment.