Sediment Retention BMPs: Design and Construction

Tom Abbott, PE

The session will focus on the BMPs used in retaining construction stormwater and their design. Discussion will include the timing of BMP design requirements, geometry of the retention facility along with discharge and facility siting considerations. Session will also highlight the quality of the BMP during the close-out phase of construction and the transition to the various types of permanent detention facilities. Various types of detention facilities and their design will also be discussed.

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Presented by Tom Abbott, PE, LDC Inc.

Tom has been with LDC for 5 years and has amassed design, permitting and project management experience with a variety of jurisdictions in Western Washington. Throughout his career as a P.E., Tom has taken on the design and management of complex stormwater projects that span the public and private sectors. From mixed-use commercial/multi-family projects to large residential plats to public parks, plazas and multi-modal public facilities, Tom has overseen a variety of ways to implement stormwater design and construction feasibility into a constructible, efficient finished product. His passion and experience with stormwater design lends itself to helping others discover effective ways to manage onsite stormwater during the construction process and beyond.