A Day in the Life: Experiences from the CESCL’s Perspective

Ashley Baldwin

This session will walk you through the basics of planning a SWPPP for your construction projects, how to select the appropriate BMPs and implement them throughout the life of the project. The most important BMP is you as a CESCL and how you manage the SWPPP and effectively communicate issues or needs with your client and other parties involved with the project. Finally, you will hear CESCL stories on real projects in the Greater Puget Sound region and how specific issues were resolved.

Learning Objectives

  • SWPPP Planning & Implementation
  • Effective Communication
  • Learning from Real World experiences

Presented by Ashley Baldwin, Encore Environmental, LLC

Ashley Baldwin is the owner of a small woman owned business called Encore Environmental, LLC specializing in construction site SWPPP preparation, permitting, inspections, water treatment, monitoring, erosion control installation and earthwork. Ashley graduated from Central WA University with a BS in Biology and went straight to work as a CESCL and Chitosan Filtration operator. She has over 10 years of experience in the construction industry related to water treatment, water quality, utilities, habitat work and environmental consulting. She has worked with municipalities, contractors, engineers, industrial site owners, property management companies and private property owners throughout the Pacific Northwest and brings a vast range of expertise to any project when it comes to environmental and stormwater management.