Contaminated Soil and Pollution Prevention

Greg Ferris

In this session attendees will learn about recent construction projects at and around SeaTac International Airport and contaminants of concern that could be encountered during construction. They will learn what to look for when assessing and characterizing suspect contaminated soil, including collecting samples for lab analysis. They will also learn about BMPs to minimize impacts of contaminated soil on a construction project, including soil stockpiling and truck loading practices to keep soil off pavement.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Contaminants of Concern in the Subsurface – What could be down there?
  • Soil Assessment, Sampling and Characterization – What to look for.
  • BMPs to Minimize Impact of Contaminated Soil on a Construction Project – What to do.

PDF of Presentation
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Presented by Greg Ferris, Sr. Environmental Specialist, LG, CESCL

Over 30 years of experience working on environmental cleanup projects.
Port of Seattle – Aviation Environmental