1200-C Permit Basics and Q&A With DEQ

Michael Kennedy

What are the responsibilities under the 1200-C permit? This session will provide practical information on the basic components of the 1200-C NPDES construction stormwater permit. From developing an erosion and sediment control plan, to ESCP implementation and adaptive management, to trackout management and dust control, to conducting visual monitoring, join in the conversation to help improve your permit compliance on your next project.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Basics of the 1200-C
  2. Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Implementation
  3. Visual Monitoring

Presented by Michael Kennedy, DEQ

Michael Kennedy is a Water Quality Specialist in the stormwater program with DEQ’s Northwest Region, conducting plan review, technical assistance, and compliance inspections for construction and industrial stormwater permittees. Having over 15 years of experience in the water resources field, he graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in geology, focused on wetlands and coastal processes. His career has been centered on wetland delineation, permitting and restoration, soil and groundwater remediation, and industrial and construction stormwater management.