Combining Value Engineering of Revegetation and Erosion Control Projects Utilizing Innovative Solutions with Wet Weather Preparation Strategies

Damon Sump, CPESC and Brian M. Free, CPESC, CPSWQ, CISEC

As regulations increase and the demand for successful stabilization and revegetation of construction projects increase so do the costs involved in achieving compliance. Newer technologies utilizing agronomic principles and recently developed solutions can provide cost effective alternatives to traditional methods of revegetation and erosion control.

We will explore the methodology of how to properly assess a site’s potential and prescribe the proper materials to efficiently achieve the desired outcomes cost effectively and mitigating the risks involved. Case studies from the region will be presented along with real world cost analysis.

Combining these VE solutions with strategic wet weather preparation will result in sites that both comply with regulations and save dollars through shortened timelines and reduced compliance costs.

  • ProGanics in place of imported topsoil/compost
  • Green Armor in place of hard armor

Presented by Damon Sump – CPESC - Regional Sales Manager and Brian M. Free –CPESC, CPSWQ, CISEC - Market Development Manager Profile Products