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IMPORTANT: The full-day classes are not being offered at the Convention Center. They will be held at Hilton Palacio Del Rio (a few blocks away from the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center). The field tours will depart from the convention center.

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EC3302: Sustainable Native Plant Establishment for Erosion and Sediment Control

Primary Presenter: Adrian Juncosa, Ph.D.

Secondary Presenter: Tom Williams, MA, CPESC

Date Offered: Sunday, February 20, 2011

Technical Level: Advanced

Time Offered: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Educational Track: TS-3

Course Description:

This course is a participant interactive training course which focuses on native plant establishment. The course will utilize experience and data from several large scale, some award winning, projects which have been completed by the instructors. The course is tailored to the intermediate to advanced reclamationist, restoration ecologist, botanist or soil scientist. Student participation is encouraged and essential to enhance the learning experience for all participants. Bring your toughest problems, projects and successful answers to this exciting sharing of ideas, methods and approaches.


Presentation A

  • Introductions
  • Course Overview
  • Foundations of Successful Revegetation
  • Native Plant Identification

Presentation B

  • Soil Basics
  • Soil Handling
  • Soil Profile Structure


Presentation C

  • Baseline Data Overall
  • Baseline Data Vegetation
  • Climatic Considerations
  • Goals: Good, Not Bad, or Just Pretty
  • Determining Species
  • Developing Seed Mixtures and Rates

Presentation D

  • Plant Propagation


Presentation E

  • Revegetation Methods
  • Soils Management Principles
  • Soils Management Planning
  • Soil Amendment and Fertilization

Presentation F

  • Planting Methods
  • Seedbed Preparation
  • Seedling Protection
  • Noxious and Invasive Weeds


Presentation G

  • Engineering, Bioengineering
  • Surface Protection
  • Irrigation: To Do or Not To Do

Presentation H

  • Monitoring
  • Evaluating Data
  • Success Criteria
  • Remediation

Case Studies

  • White Pine Mine
  • Ward Valley Watershed Assessment

Learning Objectives:

  • A forum to compare and discuss successful methods used by others
  • Learn methods to measure and evaluate sustainable establishment

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