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Bring World-Class Training to your Door

What is IECA on Location?

on Location

IECA on Location is an educational service offered to those who desire to have course(s) conducted at their business site. In other words, "we bring IECA education to you!" Our IECA Faculty will customize their course content to meet the needs and goals of your organization as well as state and local requirements, to ensure compliance to regulations in your area. IECA is here to help every step of the way. Visit our "Course Information" below to select the course that best fits your educational needs. IECA on Location is an affordable solution to saving the expenses normally associated with conference attendance.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of IECA on Location include:

  • We bring training to you at your office or location
  • We manage the instructor and all of the travel arrangements
  • Our instructors modify the content to address your regional issues
  • You select the time and date of the training
  • You save money and travel expense

Course Information

Click on the educational track below to determine what courses meet your need.

About IECA Faculty

IECA Faculty are highly-trained educators, who are experts in specific fields of Erosion, Sediment Control and Stormwater Management. They have years of classroom experience and have served IECA for many years as our premiere educators.

Click here to view a full list of IECA's Faculty.

Getting Started

Complete this form and let us know how IECA can meet your desired educational outcome. If you can't find a course the specifically addresses your need - don't worry - IECA will work with our Faculty to customize a program.


The fee for most IECA on Location courses is $2,000 for full-day courses and $1,500 for half day courses. There is also travel expenses for the instructor, which would include airfare, ground transportation, parking and meals. As a client or sponsoring organization, you would be responsible for the fee and travel expenses.

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