Erosion Control and Stormwater Training
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Erosion, sediment control and stormwater management training is now available from your home or office.

IECA webinars are 60 to 90-minute, topic-focused, online training sessions you can take anywhere you have access to an internet connection and a phone. The live sessions are recorded and available for viewing at your convenience, allowing training to take place on your schedule.

It’s a really exciting technology. These webinars represent the future of continuing education.—Michael Sprague, THI Riverworks, Inc.

What makes webinars such a unique form of education is the real-time interaction that can take place between you and the instructor. Though you may be thousands of miles apart, webinars give you and the instructors the ability to ask questions and get responses as if you were in a real classroom.

This form of training can save thousands of dollars in travel expenses while continuing to provide the contact that is so important to the learning process.

On-Demand Training

IECA webinars are recorded so you can view them at your convenience. This is a recording of a live training session. As with any live recording, there may be small interuptions or delays. Click here to see a complete list of on-demand training

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