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IECA Webinars series offers top quality industry training presented by subject matter experts for industry professionals. Receive PDH/CEU credit from the comfort of your home or office. Customized web training is also available please contact IECA Education for more information ([email protected]).

All webinars are recorded and added to IECA's eLearning system within 24 hours of the webinar date. Check out the eLearning system for recorded webinars and other on demand training.

IECA Short Courses

These events are 3 hours in length and worth 3 Professional Development Hour (PDH)/0.3 CEU (Continuing Education Unit). They are either offered as a half day or part I/II training.

January 11 & 12, 2017
Fluvial Geomorphology - Part I & Part II

Explore the fundamentals of river system performance, their intricacies and dynamics, as well as fluvial geomorphology's theories and principals. This webinar not only will be helpful in understanding overall river behavior but will also be beneficial to people interested in river sedimentation, hydraulics, streambank erosion and protection and stream restoration.

IECA Webinars

These events are one hour in length and worth 1 Professional Development Hour (PDH)/0.1 CEU (Continuing Education Unit).

October 5, 2016
Designing LID Systems: What do you need to know and why

Learn how to design LID treatment systems by understanding the critical role native soils, hydrologic conditions and position on the landscape factor into the design process. Understand the importance of the construction sequence for LID systems to ensure their long term functionality.

October 18, 2016
Large-Scale Performance Enhancement Study of Sediment Basin Technology

This technical presentation will discuss research results of large-scale testing efforts focused on developing technologies to provide improved performance of sediment basins. The study, conducted at the Auburn University - Erosion and Sediment Control Testing Facility (AU-ESCTF), includes the investigation of traditional and advanced passive treatment using a lamella-based high-rate settling plate system. Testing procedures, data collection, performance characteristics, and results of the study will be discussed.

November 16, 2016
Erosion Control in Arid Climates

When constructing in arid environments erosion and sediment control is often overlooked. Emphasis is on dust control and wind borne erosion with erosion from water and runoff left as an after- thought all too often. In arid environments when a rain storm occurs contractors are left scrambling while being reactive and developers are left exposed to risk and unaccounted for costs. Learn how to successfully stabilize soils in areas with less than 10 inches of annual rainfall (on average), as well as how to establish vegetation in such extreme climatic conditions in a proactive manner.

17 noviembre 2016
Control de La Erosión En Ambientes Áridos

Cuando se construye en ambientes áridos la erosión y sedimentación son a menudo pasados por alto. Énfasis en control de polvo y erosióón eólica con erosión hídrica y escorrentía como última prioridad ocurre a menudo. En ambientes áridos cuando una tormenta ocurre los contratistas se encuentran sin mucho que hacer cuando reaccionan, mientras que los urbanizadores corren con los riesgos y enfrentan costos inesperados. Aprenda cómo estabilizar exitosamente suelos en áreas con menos de 250 mm de precipitación anual (en promedio), así como también cómo estabilizar vegetación en tales condiciones climáticas extremas.

December 14, 2016
99% Sediment Yield Reduction in Two Easy Steps: A Case Study

Through the intentional management of communication and work, the Alabama Department of Transportation protected water quality and made history on an environmentally and politically sensitive highway project. Costs were reduced, safety was enhanced, quality was improved, production was increased, and sediment yield was reduced by over 99%. Impossible? Come See.

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