IECA Call for Presentations
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IECA is not currently accepting submissions for Environmental Connection 2015.

Presenting for IECA gives you the ability to share insights and content with your peers, enhance your professional development, learn from your colleagues and gain recognition for your advancements in the field.

Environmental Connection 2015

Co-locating with IFAI's Geosynthetics conference.

Even if you've never presented before, you will find many advantages to speaking at Environmental Connection, IECA's annual conference. In addition to expanding your knowledge and developing new professional skills, you will be joining a distinguished group of respected erosion control professionals. What better reason to submit than a co-locating event with IFAI's Geosynthetics Conference and Expo!

Who Should Submit?

Professionals involved with Erosion and Sediment Control and related issues are encouraged to submit an abstract.

  • Contractors: Demonstrate effective approaches of installation, equipment, innovations and business management.
  • Design Professionals: Describe new approaches to design challenges, present case studies on difficult projects or explain the latest design tools.
  • Government Personnel: Provide information on regulatory policy or demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of your programs.
  • Researchers/inventors: Present the data that advances new technology, explores new concepts and challenges traditional approaches.
  • Manufacturers: Describe the latest advancements in product technology and applications.

Conference Dates & Location

February 15-18, 2015
Portland, OR, USA

Important Dates and Information


All speakers are required to register for the conference. IECA will offer a generous speaker discount on the regisration fees, however, acceptance of your presentation does not include complimentary registration of any kind.

June 16 - Abstracts due to IECA. Presenters: Biography, Marketing Paragraph, and Presenter Photo due to IECA.

July 10 - Instructors/Presenters Notified of Abstract Submittal Acceptance

August 8 - Technical Paper due to IECA. Conditional Abstract Re-Submittals Due

September 8 - Technical Paper Presenters Notified of Course/Paper Acceptance Full and Half-Day Instructors: Signed Instructor Agreements with Audio/Visual Requests, Biography, Marketing Paragraph, and Instructor Photo due to IECA.

September 26 - Conditional Papers due for re-review

December 12 - ALL COURSE INSTRUCTORS: Presentations due to IECA (Powerpoint presentations must have acceptable proprietary approval)

January 9 - All full and half day course presentations due to IECA. This only applies to those who have no revision to their Dec 12, 2014 submission or conditionally accepted presentations that have had a request for modification

February 15-18 - Presentation at Environmental Connection 2015 in Portland, OR

Suggested Content

National Hot Topics

  • Establishing vegetation in nutrient-sensitive watersheds
  • Vegetation selection for streambank stabilization or wetland restoration
  • Sampling and analysis requirements and procedures
  • Natural Soil Enhancement for establishment of vegetative cover
  • Transition from vegetation to hardscape for utilities, bridges, and waterways
  • RAPPS for Oil & Gas construction activities
  • Channel Lining BMP installations-vegetative to hard armor
  • Low tech BMP's for storm water management
  • Subsurface investigations for E & SC purposes
  • Determining effectiveness of BMPs Using RUSLE2

Regional Hot Topics

  • LID mandate to municipalities and determining what is "feasible"
  • Fish consumption rates and water quality standards causing presumptive approach of NPDES permit benchmarks
  • Aerial deposition
  • Water quality sediment standards in Oregon
  • Construction management on redevelopment and contaminated sites

Educational Tracks

IECA has developed four educational tracks in which abstracts will be organized for review (these replace our technical sections). You will be asked to select a track during the submittal process.

Types of Presentations

Commercialism Policy

The intent of IECA's educational programs is to provide peer-reviewed content free from advertising or commercial bias. Instructors will refrain from advertising or promoting their employer or other vendors product, company information or any other organization represented during their presentations unless you are presenting a product practicum. If any type of presentation abstract is approved for a presentation at the IECA Annual Conference, instructors may not use the session time to distribute material that is self-promoting or represents business interests. Company logos or names may be used on one slide, at the beginning of the session. Mention of a company affiliation during the session introduction will be acceptable, but mention of a company affiliation or specific product brand repeatedly throughout will be considered unacceptable promotion.

Peer Review

All IECA education content is reviewed by a minimum of three industry professionals who are selected to review based on their active participation in the specific area in which you will be presenting.

Education Level

IECA categorizes presentations into one of 4 levels - basic, intermediate, advanced or all. For more information on the different levels please click here.

IECA Contact Information

IECA's Education Department is dedicated to providing you with as much assistance and information as possible for successfully participating in Environmental Connection 2015. Please refer questions to Joanna Fetherolf - , 303-640-7554 or 800-455-4322.

Submit Your Abstract Now

The call for presentations has closed. Please consider submitting an abstract next year.

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