IECA Mentorship Program
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IECA's Mentorship Program is a way for student and young members to find an IECA member who specializes in their interests. The Mentorship Program is entirely voluntary and a great way for members to give back to the industry by working with a young member new to or training to be a part of the IECA community. Once you opt into the program, other members can search our mentorship database to find a mentor by their areas of focus or location. The next step is for the member to e-mail the mentor using the information we provide. The mentor/mentee relationship can be as casual or involved as you have time for and may continue for as long as both members wish. If you've taken on a mentee or are going through a particularly busy season and wish to remove your name from the database, you can opt out anytime.

IECA Mentorship badge

This button will appear on the profile of every IECA Mentor to designate them as a person committed to developing the future of the erosion control and stormwater quality industries

Guidelines: If you would like to contact one of the mentors listed below, please do so via the e-mail address listed in their profile. The subject line of your e-mail should read "IECA Mentorship Request". The mentor has committed to responding to you, but the nature of your mentor/mentee partnership is entirely up to the two of you to decide. In your initial e-mail, please state clearly what it is you, as the mentee, are looking for and how much involvement you'd like. No two partnerships will be the same and the program is conducted on a volunteer basis. If a mentor has taken on a mentee and chooses to withdraw their name, they may do so. With that in mind, IECA encourages you to reach out to a potential mentor as soon as possible. You don't want to wait and miss out on a great partnership!

To join IECA's efforts in helping to foster the next generation of erosion control and stormwater quality professionals, update your profile in the Members Only section of the website. If you have any questions, please contact IECA at or 800-455-4322 (+1 303-640-7554).

Make the most of your time with your mentor or mentee by following these tips for success:


  • Don't limit yourself to only mentors who match a specific profile. Look outside your comfort zone and you might be surprised.
  • Find someone who you respect.
  • Take time to stay accountable to any goals you might set with your mentor.
  • When starting out, ask your mentor for help or feedback in one area. It can be overwhelming for both of you to dive in without direction. Choosing a topic to start with will make it easier on both of you.
  • Set a specific number of meetings with your mentor before you start. These can be via phone, Skype, chat, or any other medium you prefer.


  • Ask questions - help your mentee discover what they're passionate about.
  • Be encouraging. Once you've solidified and mentor/mentee partnership, make sure you're helping to build your mentee up during your meetings.
  • Recommend resources, people or organizations that have helped you in your professional career.
  • Help your mentee develop goals and timelines to help keep them on track.

Please note that there are no credentials needed to join the IECA Mentorship Program. Mentors only need be active members of IECA. The opinions and advice given by any IECA mentor have not been peer-reviewed and do not necessarily represent the views of IECA.

Current IECA Mentors:

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