Impact of Erosion Photos
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1) Sediment from construction site erosion has costly impacts such as this filled in culvert which can lead to flooding, property damage & expensive sediment removal. 
2) Impacts of Erosion 2nd Place Winner 1998 Chris Todd Envirogreen, Humboldt, TN
3) Unprotected channels allow erosion to go unchecked & can impact utilities such as this sewer system.
4) The power of erosion is evident with damaged road as a result of flooding
5) Impacts of Erosion 1st place winner 2001 Jennings C Lantz, Fort Bragg, NC Erosion can sometimes cause driving hazards
6) Impacts of Erosion 2nd place winner 2001 Chris Todd, Envirogreen, Humboldt, TN Erosion control is important on construction sites to prevent infrastructure damage.
7) Impact of Erosion 2nd Place Winner 2000 Pierre Bordenave InterMountain Resources, Sandpoint, ID
8) Impact of Erosion 1st place winner 2000 Christopher Todd, Envirogreen, Humboldt, TN photo of Bond Creek, South Jackson, TN

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