Educational Track: MS4 Management
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MS4 Management

This educational track focuses on all of the various aspects required of a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. Many stormwater professionals are expected to have expertise across a wide scope of programs, especially in smaller MS4's. Thousands of municipalities around the world are tasked with implementing strategies to lessen the impacts of urban stormwater and industrial pollution. Subjects such as illicit discharge detection and elimination, industrial stormwater management, municipal good housekeeping, program funding mechanisms and education programs are all discussed in this educational track.

Areas of Focus

  • Education & Outreach Programs
    • K-12 Programs
    • Adult Education
    • Non-Point Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO)
    • Post-Secondary Education Programs
  • MS4 Stormwater Management Plans
    • Implementation
    • Goals & Measurables
    • Adaptive Management
  • Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination
  • Industrial Stormwater Management
    • Mining Industry
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Oil & Gas Facilities
    • Fleet maintenance
    • HAZMAT Storage
    • Industrial Inspection & Compliance
    • Permitting
  • Municipal Good Housekeeping
  • Funding Mechanisms
    • Fee structures
    • Utilities
    • Grants
    • Legislation/Constitutional Amendments

Member Resources

Name Position Company Email
Chris Estes, PLA,GC Chair Estes Design Inc [email protected]
Heather Buck, CPSWQ, CMS4S Member Christopher B. Burke Eng. LLC [email protected]
Robert Carrothers, CPESC-IT Member Filtrexx International [email protected]
Jonathan B. Dixon, CPESC, CISEC Member Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig [email protected]
Lori Gates, CPESC, CPSWQ, CMS4S, Member Christopher B. Burke Eng. LLC [email protected]
Cory Rayburn, CPESC, CFM, Env SP Member City of Atlanta [email protected]
Steven Trinkaus, PE, CPESC, CPSWQ Member Trinkaus Engineering LLC [email protected]

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