IECA Poster Gallery


Posters in the IECA poster gallery will be available for all registered attendees to view. A combination of industry professional posters and University Partner student posters will make up the gallery. In keeping with the mission of the organization, the IECA Poster Gallery promotes the exchange of scientific and technical information. Poster presentations are based on scientific methods and merit which are included in the display/presentation. Each poster will be available for viewing along with a 5 minute recording from the presenter discussing the poster. An opportunity to ask questions will also be available. 

The IECA University Partner program objective is to introduce young professionals to IECA and provide means to connect students with industry professionals who make up the IECA membership. Partner Universities and Colleges offer coursework in fields related to Erosion Control, Soil Science, Stormwater Management, Construction, Hydrology, Landscape Architecture, Geology, and Professional Engineering. It is the goal of the program to provide benefits for Universities, students and IECA alike.

Participating IECA University Partners 

Auburn University
North Carolina State University
San Diego State University
Cranfield University