EnviroCert International Inc. Expanded PDH Opportunities

EnviroCert International Inc. (ECI) has expanded options to help meet the continuing education requirements for all certified Professionals as follows.

Retroactive to January 1, 2019, Certified Professionals with any of the five (5) ECI certifications may earn up to three (3) PDHs per year if they are members of the International Erosional Control Association (IECA) and read relevant technical articles in the Environmental Connection magazine based on the guidelines presented below. They will need to provide a self-certification form. One unit will be given for six (6) months participation; two (2) units will be given for nine (9) months participation; and, three (3) units will be given for twelve (12) months participation.

The PDH credits are not awarded for IECA membership, but rather for those professionals that choose to seek membership in IECA and review technical articles monthly in the associated publications, where a learning opportunity is gained. ECI will be reviewing similar opportunities with other organizations in the future, but at the present ECI only recognizes IECA.

ECI staff will be providing a Self-Certifying Form for participating Professionals by May 15, 2019, and it will be located under the Resources tab under documents: https://www.envirocertintl.org/organization-policies-documents/

It is essential that all professionals maintain a record of the Self-Certifying document and ensure it references the specific articles reviewed. In the event of an audit, the form is required to obtain the credits.

ECI encourages all Certified Professionals to take the opportunity to consider a membership with IECA. The organization provides considerable benefits and development opportunities for all stormwater professionals

Through tremendous efforts put forth by Tom Schneider, CPESC and IECA Past President, along with strong leadership by Adam Dibble, CESSWI, CPESC, current IECA president, the new executive director, Samantha Roe, and their current Board have placed IECA on track to be a leader in the stormwater community.

ECI has the utmost confidence of a long and lasting relationship that will better serve our current and future Professionals as well as the entire environmental community.