Congratulations to our 2016 / 2017 IECA Award Winners! 

The mission of the IECA Awards program is to recognize outstanding achievements in the erosion and sediment control industry. These awards are selected on criteria that reflect quality, skill and environmental benefits. Winners were selected from responses to a “Call for Entries” process. All winners were recognized at IECA’s annual conference and expo, Environmental Connection 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia on February 22.

The Environmental Excellence Award 

The Environmental Excellence Award is the IECA's premier award. It recognizes an outstanding stormwater and erosion and/or sediment control project, program or operation that demonstrates excellence in natural resource conservation and environmental protection. Recipients of this award show a high‐level of environmental benefit by clearly identifying the objectives, methods used, results obtained and details of the benefits to the environment.

For over twenty years, the Texas A & M Transportation Institute's Sediment and Erosion Control Laboratory (SEC Lab) has provided the transportation and erosion control industry with a research and performance evaluation program for procedures, methods and materials used for soil erosion and sediment control and vegetation establishment and management. The SEC Lab is a 19-acre full scale, indoor and outdoor facility that has been in continuous operation since 1985. The SEC Lab has contributed to ASTM erosion control materials testing specifications and set the international standard for performance evaluation of materials manufactured for erosion and sediment control. In that regard, the SEC Lab methodology, scientific design and approach have long served as a model for similar facilities throughout the world. The TAMU SEC Lab has contributed significantly to the body of knowledge related to the effectiveness of alternative approaches to erosion control through its field and laboratory testing programs. For many years, the SEC Lab has been go-to facility for IECA member-manufacturers seeking to understand the erosion control effectiveness of their products and for those seeking to develop or improve their products for the erosion control industry.

The Outstanding Professional of the Year Award 

Outstanding Professional of the Year Award recognizes an IECA member as an individual or organization that demonstrates excellence in their work in the industry and is viewed by his IECA peers as an industry leader through significant engagement with the IECA.

Adam Dibble, CESSWI is named the winner of the Outstanding Professional of the Year. This year’s award recipient is not a seasoned veteran with years and years of experience… what he is instead is the biggest advocate for youth, professionalism, involvement and support for the IECA. Adam didn’t have a background in soils or environmental science like most of the professional designations in our industry. Adam took it upon himself to learn the business and the science by getting involved in the IECA at both the national and chapter level. Adam always attends webinars and reviews content and is considered a content matter expert on most topics at Profile. That says a lot for someone who 7 years ago never had a class in environmental science. This is what is so remarkable about Adam. He has the passion and the drive to learn so that he is not just another marketing guy, he is truly knowledgeable about the industry. His passion and expertise in marketing opens the door to a new generation of potential IECA members.

The Sustained Contributor Award 

The Sustained Contributor Award recognizes an IECA member who has provided distinguished service to the IECA and has made outstanding contributions to improve the erosion and sediment control industry for a sustained period of time. Winners of this Award will have demonstrated leadership by example through a significant and long-term contribution to the erosion and sediment control industry and to the IECA through one or more of the following: education, government involvement, research, establishment of standards or policies or the development of technology.

The years winner, Dan Salsinger has been working in the erosion control field since 1995 and a member of IECA since 1998. He has served in a variety of leadership roles in the industry and for IECA locally and nationally. Dan works for Hanes, but really Dan represents erosion control at the best capacity he can. As a peer-to-peer trainer, Dan exhibits unlimited passion and enthusiasm for the field. Dan makes erosion control fun! Outside of the classroom, Dan is available to answer unlimited questions about resources, ideas and is helpful to novices and professionals about best management practices. His work ethic, and the energy and knowledge he brings to the job inspire others. You meet few people in this life like Dan, who live their job, are tireless champions for erosion control and are also empathetic and likeable humans.

2016 Presenter of the Year

IECA awards its Environmental Connection 2016 Presenter of the Year to Dwayne Stenlund, CPESC for his presentation “Developing Best Management Practice Guidance Matrix Decision Trees.” His presentation had over 50 attendees and was presented on two days at the 2016 conference. “I am pleased to be the winner of this respected award. My presentation helped participants understand the performance limits of BMPs for developing an accurate and complete SWPPP and how to implement successful BMP program delivery outcomes,” says Stenlund. “The class program, drawn from many of my experiences, was developed to help professionals develop an example matrix of one family of standard practice with scaling outcome expectation, where cheap is not the best, review several completed matrices and apply this knowledge using developed BMP decision matrices,” concludes Stenlund. Stenlund is a certified professional in erosion and sediment control. He has worked in this capacity for the Minnesota Department of Transportation for almost 20 years and is involved with design, construction and maintenance using old and new ecologically and sustainable based technologies to solve difficult soil and stormwater quality problems. Stenlund has presented extensively over the United States on stormwater management techniques, and yearly at the International Erosion Control Association Conference. He has a Master’s from the University of Minnesota in plant biology and extensive work environmental constructability of road and bridge projects.

2017 Most Distinguished Technical Paper

IECA awards the Environmental Connection 2017 Most Distinguished Technical Paper to Jerry L. Hatfield, Ph.D. for "Enhancing Soil Begins with Soil Biology and a Stable Soil Microclimate." This award honors presenters who have demonstrated excellence within the context of their Environmental Connection technical presentation. "I am honored to be recognized by my peers in the sediment and erosion control community and receive this award," says Hatfield. "The paper details how soil biology is fundamental to reducing erosion and stabilizing soil. The research also explores how soil responds to changes in soil biology and how we can enhance soil by promoting an active soil biology," concludes Hatfield. Dr. Jerry L. Hatfield is the Laboratory Director of the United States Department of Agriculture-Agriculture Research Service (USDA-ARS) National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment Director of the Midwest Climate Hub in Ames, Iowa, and co-PI on the Agriculture Model Improvement and Intercomparison Project. His personal research focuses on quantifying the interactions among the components of the soil-plant-atmosphere system to quantify resilience of cropping systems to climate change and development of techniques to enhance decision-making for agriculture. He leads the agriculture sector for the National Climate Assessment, a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) process that received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, and lead on the agriculture indicators of climate change for the United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). He is a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America and Past-President of the American Society of Agronomy and member of the American Meteorological Society, American Geophysical Union and Soil and Water Conservation Society. In 2014 he was elected to the ARS Hall of Fame for his research on improving agriculture and environmental quality and the Hugh Hammond Bennett award for his national and international work on conservation. He is the author and co-author of 425 refereed publications and the editor of 16 monographs.

IECA is the foremost organization for those involved in or concerned about soil erosion control. Membership (in IECA) tells others you take erosion control seriously and you want to help make a difference.

Scott Velting, CPESC, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA