Revegetating Depleted Soils

Rene Barrientos, B.A.Sc, MBA

This is a presentation about the use of biotic amendments, basic concepts that clarify their importance in our revegetation projects. Participants will learn about their benefits through results in different challenging conditions.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn and understand the benefits of Biotic Soil Amendments (BSA).
  • Learn how a different approach to revegetation considering soil health increases the success rate.
  • Comprehend the intimate relation between revegetation and erosion control.

Presented by Rene Barrientos, B.A.Sc, MBA – Sales Manager, ECBVerdyol

Making the best out of opportunities to contribute with relevant eco-friendly improvements in different business lines has driven Rene's passion for new challenges. Born and raised in El Salvador in an environment closely related to coffee plantations influenced his early interest in environmental and agricultural sciences. Uniquely evolving through this path, helped shaped a technical sales career over diverse industries. The accumulation of combined experiences from distinct areas, such as crop production and crop protection, water pumping systems, pest control, and erosion control, has given way to a broad perspective providing sustainable solutions. Rene obtained his Agricultural Engineering, BSc degree in Zamorano University, Honduras, graduating with honours. Additionally, he earned an MBA degree from INCAE Business School, Costa Rica. As a professional fluent in English and Spanish has lived in several Latin American countries. He is currently committed to assisting as Regional Sales Manager for Canada, Midwestern U.S. and Latin America