Implementing Green Stormwater Infrastructure Techniques and Practices

Jessica T. R Brown, PE

The number of green infrastructure/low impact development (GI/LID) practices in the southeast will continue to increase due to NPDES stormwater permit regulations and local stormwater design requirements; as a result, the maintenance demand and needs will also increase. Therefore, detailed inspection and maintenance guidance is imperative to ensure that these practices are functioning properly. Without proper maintenance, they will not perform as designed and intended.
University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant (UGA) partnered with Goodwyn, Mills, Cawood, and Center for Watershed Protection in 2016-2017 to create the Coastal Georgia GI/LID Inventory, which identified and visually assessed over 250 GI/LID practices. Through future Section 319(h) Grants from Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, GMC and UGA used the results and outcomes of the GI/LID Inventory to develop a suite of tools and resources for operations and maintenance (O&M) of GI/LID practices in 2019. These tools include photo-based inspection and evaluation forms, four factsheets and a six-minute video highlighting the role of stormwater green infrastructure and techniques for maintenance of permeable pavement documenting maintenance procedures. By having access to resources and training, the municipal workforce in coastal Georgia is better equipped to perform GI/LID maintenance and address the range of pollutants associated with coastal nonpoint sources. These tools have been utilized to develop and enhance GI/LID Programs for Phase I and II MS4 permittees in Georgia to satisfy their municipal stormwater permit requirements.

Presented by Jessica T. R Brown, PE – Stormwater Specialist, Public Service Assistant (Faculty), University of Georgia - Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

Ms. Jessica T. R. Brown serves as the stormwater specialist for Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant at the University of Georgia. Jess is a licensed water resources engineer, career Extension professional, and faculty within Public Service and Outreach. She works closely with local municipalities and coastal communities improving stormwater management and enhancing watershed-based stewardship efforts. Ms. Brown has a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from North Carolina State University.