IECA Contractors' Corner | Low Impact Development – “Limiting Implementation Drama”

Primary Presenter: John Moss

Secondary Presenters: Alex Zimmerman, CPESC, CISEC, CESSWI, AK-BC-NT-WA-CESCL, QSP & Aaron Schmidt, CESCL

Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure techniques have taken a prominent place in managing stormwater volume and promoting water quality. This session will explore and discuss proven and “Drama Free” best practices employed when determining the Products, Design and Construction of Low Impact Development.

  • Products (Tool Kit) – Overview of prevalent Products & Systems used in Low Impact Development projects.
  • Design (Methods/Objectives) - Discussion on LID design criteria considerations.
  • Construction (Successful Execution) – Lessons learned in constructing successful LID designs.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand prevalant products and systems used in Low Impact Development.
  • Understand design criteria for consideration with LID.
  • Construction (Successful Execution) – Lessons learned in constructing successful LID designs.

Presented by John Moss – Director, Construction EcoServices, Alex Zimmerman, CPESC, CISEC, CESSWI, AK-BC-NT-WA-CESCL, QSP – Owner, Creative Courses & Aaron Schmidt, CESCL. – Market Development Stormwater , ACF West Inc.

John Moss has been associated with stormwater management and erosion control in the commercial construction industry since 2003. Having participated in stormwater quality and volume management for over seventeen years, he has overseen turnkey compliance services on thousands of projects, value engineering solutions for stormwater quality features, ranging from underground detention to pond slope stabilization. John is a frequent presenter at industry conferences, including IECA Environmental Connection, and is on the teaching faculty for SWPPP compliance at the Houston Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America. At Construction EcoServices, he has served in various senior roles, all of which have capitalized on his innate relationship and partnership building skills. In his role as Director, he accepted the company’s award as IECA’s 2014 Contractor of the Year. A seven-year member of the South Central Chapter, John is in his third term on the Board of Directors as Vice President, Administration and has served on the planning committee for SCIECA’s Texas Stormwater Conference events. John is passionate about furthering the positive impact IECA will continue to have on the environment in years to come.

Alex Zimmerman brings over 25 years of large scale construction and reclamation experience to Erosion and Sediment Control and stormwater training. From large disturbance, linear, and single-family construction to restoration and emergency landslide repair, his experiences add to informative trainings on real world issues for construction site and facility operators, inspectors, and designers. Alex has been helping project teams succeed by planning for the productive and compliant completion of varied construction and restoration projects. Alex has been recognized by various associations and agencies for his professional course preparation and delivery. Developing custom trainings for audiences as varied as Alaska Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska Department of Transportation, South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association, Building Industry Association of Washington, North Dakota Solid Waste & Recycling Association, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Northwest Territories Department of Transportation, and the British Columbia Erosion and Sediment Control Association. Alex stays up to date and informed on the latest regulations and compliance challenges. He was a past recipient of the Educational Achievement award by the International Erosion Control Association.

Aaron Schmidt ACF West Inc. CESCL. PMP. Stormwater & Reclamation Design & Marketing. Aaron Schmidt has worked in the soil erosion, reclamation, and stormwater industry for 20 + years. He studied at Northern Arizona University and graduated with a degree in Business and a minor in Forestry. He has spent most of his career with ACF West helping to develop their reclamation and revegetation division in addition to their stormwater treatment and storage sector. Aaron has been a part of and helped develop projects ranging from reclamation in civil construction, airports, fire restoration, mining, and river restoration in both the public and private sector throughout the North West. His stormwater focus has been in design, development, implementation, and the safe installation of over 500 underground stormwater storage systems. Aaron contributes his accomplishments in his career to the valuable partnerships with colleagues, scientists and engineers which have developed through both his formal education as well as his field experience.