The Geotechnical Report, Can This Be an Aid to Design BMPs?

Andrew Diehl, PE, CPESC

As an Erosion and Sedimentation Control designer, you look for any available information to provide the best BMPs for your site. Is there not a resource that could be used to look the soils at our specific site? This presentation will look at the Geotechnical Report as an aid for designing BMPs for a project. A typical Geotechnical Report will be reviewed to see if the provided information is valid for designing BMPs. Participants will also learn about the various geotechnical testing procedures and information provided in the standard Geotechnical Report and see how this information compares to traditional resources like USDA Soil Surveys. If additional information is needed to design the BMPs, participants will learn if there are additional testing procedures and data that could be added to the Geotechnical Report to provide the BMP designer with the desired information and the cost implications to get that data added to the standard Geotechnical Report.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Know the information presented in the Geotechnical Report and determine if it can help design BMPs
  • Is there additional testing a Geotechnical Engineer could include in the report that could provide a designer information they need to select appropriate BMPs.
  • Is the Geotechnical Report an appropriate resource for designing BMPs.

Presented by Andrew Diehl, PE, CPESC – Sr Project Engineer, CEI Engineering Associates Inc

Andrew Diehl has over 15 years of experience as a consulting civil engineer. His projects have included residential and commercial projects, including big box developments. Much of the experience is in stormwater, erosion control, and NPDES permitting. He has reviewed and prepared SWPPPs for one of CEI’s clients for approximately 5 years and has reviewed SWPPPs in 48 states from multiple civil engineering consultants for this client. He has a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree from Pennsylvania State University, is a registered engineer in Arkansas, and a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control. Professional memberships include ASCE and IECA.