New England Case Studies and Lessons Learned Using Three Dimensional Stabilization

Michael Everhart

This will be a course in Three Dimensional Stabilization, also referred to cellular confinement. We will be looking at three different case studies utilizing this technology on each project with different functions. One of the projects we had multiple function in the same system. The projects are in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Have a good understanding of the many different application for Three Dimensional Stabilization.
  • Review site conditions and be able to determine if this is a practical solution for there project.
  • Will come away with a good understanding of easy it is to design and install three dimensional systems.

Presented by Michael Everhart – Eastern Erosion Control & Geo-Products Specialist, Everett J. Prescott Inc

Mike Everhart has worked for EJ Prescott, Inc. since 2009. Mike’s current title is Eastern Erosion Control & Geo-Product Specialist. Since joining EJ Prescott, Mike has spoken at National and Regional conferences as well as numerous Erosion Control workshops and seminars. Also, he has been published in Stormwater Solutions Magazine. Mike is a current member of the NHTOA, NHANRS, and the AGC Environmental Committee of New Hampshire. Mike holds a diploma in Architectural and Civil Technologies, and has over 15 years of experience in grading, drainage, and erosion control design and consulting.