Natural Infrastructure: The Win-Win-Win Approach to Reducing Flooding and Erosion

Joanna Eyquem, PGeo, CWEM, CEnv, MSc

Natural infrastructure (including wetlands, forest, beaches, and dunes) is essential to effective flood and erosion management. There is increased focus in Canada on using Nature Based Solutions to reduce flood and erosion risk by working with natural processes, as well as delivering benefits above and beyond those of built infrastructure. These co-benefits include carbon sequestration, improved public health and biodiversity gains. The business case for implementation of “win-win-win” natural infrastructure solutions is clear when ALL benefits are valued in monetary terms through Total Economic Valuation. This presentation will demonstrate how participants can use natural infrastructure to mitigate flood and erosion risk, what the key benefits are and how they can be evaluated to drive economically robust decisions.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize that Natural Infrastructure is essential to effective flood and erosion management.
  • Identify key co-benefits, including carbon sequestration, public health and biodiversity gains.
  • Undertake Total Economic Valuation of ALL benefits to make robust economic decisions comparing “green” and “grey” infrastructure solutions

Presented by Joanna Eyquem, PGeo, CWEM, CEnv, MSc – Director of Climate Programs, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation

Joanna Eyquem - PGeo, CWEM, CEnv, MSc, Director of Climate Programs - Quebec, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation Joanna is a recognised expert in Climate Adaptation, Flood and Erosion Management and River Restoration, with 20 years experience both in Canada and the UK. Joanna's focus areas at the Intact Centre include: (1) protection and restoration of natural infrastructure to mitigate climate risk, (2) mobilizing flood-resilience for homes, new and existing communities, and commercial real estate; (3) developing programs to limit risk of extreme heat; (4) promoting programs to limit wildfire risk; and (5) incorporating climate risk into institutional investing, credit rating assessments and securities disclosure. Prior to joining the Intact Centre, Joanna was the National Lead for Climate Change at AECOM, building on previous roles at Parish Geomorphic Ltd (now Matrix Solutions), Royal Haskoning DHV and Jacobs Engineering. Joanna holds an MSc in Environmental Technology (Water Option) from Imperial College London and a BSc in Geography (Earth Sciences) from the University of Exeter, UK. She is a Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.), Chartered Water and Environmental Manager (CWEM) and Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv.). She has been based in Montreal since 2009 and is fully bilingual (English and French).