Monitoring Stormwater Basin Designed to Manage Water from Interstate Runoff in Atlanta GA – an Update

Presenters: Gary L. Hawkins, PhD, Ernest Tollner, Jon Calabria, Gleicy M. Cavalcante

Monitoring a bioretention cell receiving stormwater from an intersection of two interstates in downtown Atlanta Georgia. The presentation will provide data on the water monitoring conducted to date.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Have a better understanding of the management of stormwater draining from interstate.
  • Learn extent to which nutrients are removed with bioretention cells.
  • Learn extent to which sediment is removed with bioretention cells.

Presenter: Gary L. Hawkins, PhD – Assistant Professor and Water Resource Specialist, University of Georgia

    Secondary Presenter: Ernest Tollner – Professor, University of Georgia
    Secondary Presenter: Jon Calabria – ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, University of Georgia
    Secondary Presenter: Gleicy M. Cavalcante, MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering – Graduate Student, University of Georgia