Anionic Polymer Based Mixing Methods for Water Quality Enhancement

Seva I. Iwinksi

This presentation will cover a wide variety of introductory systems and mixing methods utilizing anionic polyacrylamide based blends. These systems are used to safely and effectively lower turbidity in the form of sediment, nutrients and heavy metals to meet water quality standards in construction, development and stormwater treatment systems. These introductory systems will include active treatment systems, semi-active treatment systems as well as passive treatment set ups.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify and correctly select varying introductory systems and mixing methodologies utilizing anionic polymer based blends
  • Understand how to incorporate anionic polymer based blends into active, semi-active and passive treatment systems and how to safely and effectively use these systems
  • Illustrate what type of projects and why certain systems are used and properly apply, select, use and maintain these systems

Presented by Seva I. Iwinksi – Vice President, Applied Polymer Systems

Seva Iwinski Bray is the Vice President/Environmental Scientist of Applied Polymer Systems, Inc. She oversees production of Applied Polymer Systems product line and helps to research new uses for polymer enhanced best management practices in the field of erosion and sediment control and water clarification. She holds a BS in BioEnvironmental Science from Texas A&M University. She is highly involved in technical training sessions to educate or further educate companies, agency personnel and firms that anticipate using or are interested in furthering their knowledge on Polymer Enhanced Best Management Practices.