How the 2020 Census Will Impact You and Your MS4

Presenters: Matt Klaser, CESSWI, CPESC & Kelsey Krueger, MS,CPESC,CISEC

This will be a presentation on how the 2020 Census will impact MS4 programs across the country and how operators can adjust their programs to be better equipped to handle any changes to their urbanized area. The resultant changes to the population and MS4 level could lead to a difference in federal funds and resources available.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Understand how the 2020 Census can potentially change MS4 operational levels due to population changes.
  • What a change in MS4 operational level means in terms of federal funding and available resources.
  • Spread awareness about potential required permits and regulations due to changes in MS4 operational level.

Presented by Matt Klaser, CESSWI, CPESC – Environmental Specialist & Kelsey Krueger, MS,CPESC,CISEC – Environmental Specialist, POWER Engineers

Matt Klaser is a stormwater consultant with POWER Engineers. He has worked in the construction stormwater industry for roughly the past 8 years as a consultant, inspector, and auditor with a wide array of central Texas companies. Most recently, he has been working with a major San Antonio utility company and the city to improve upon their existing stormwater management techniques. He has CESSWI and CPESC certifications with POWER Engineers.

Ms. Krueger has a Masters in Soil and Water Science and a Bachelors in Envrionmental Science. Her career has largely been focused on stormwater. She has worked both within an MS4 program and for an MS4 program as a third party consultant. She has been with POWER Engineers since the spring of 2018 and has had many diverse opportunities within the world of stormwater. From writing SWPPPs to reviewing Stormwater Management Plans, Kelsey has developed a strong understanding of permit compliance and developing programs that not only comply with local and federal agencies, but effectively prevent pollution and protect water quality.