Kansas Department of Transportation: Navigating a Pre to Post Consent Decree World

Mervin K. Lare, PE

This presentation will dive into the trials and tribulations that KDOT encountered while developing a robust StormWater Program. We will explore how KDOT was placed under a consent decree, what steps were put in place to get out of the consent decree, and what the post consent decree world looks like for KDOT's highway construction projects.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the lessons KDOT learned to comply with the Clean Water Act.
  • See what best management practices work and didn't work for KDOT and take that information back to their company/government agency.
  • Learn how KDOT maintains NPDES compliance with contractors, consultants, and employees.

Presented by Mervin K. Lare, PE – Stormwater Compliance Engineer, Kansas Department of Transportation - Topeka, KS

I graduated from Kansas State University in 2009, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and began working for KDOT as a Field Engineer soon after. I have worked in various engineering position for KDOT including being a Field Construction Engineer and a Local Projects Engineer. In July 2018, I took the position of StormWater Compliance Engineer. When not saving the world from un-stabilized sediment mobilization, I am showing my son and daughter the fun of being outdoors and keeping myself fit through martial arts.