Using Pre-vegetated Blanket to Achieve Instant Results

Robert Livingston

Today’s forecast: Rain with 3 inches of precipitation expected. Can’t sleep tonight worried that your project is washing away? Learn how using all of the traditional erosion control components you’re familiar with in a new way can help eliminate this worry and let you sleep at night. Learn how pre-vegetated blankets are a great alternative to traditional erosion control methods and how they can work on any project.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Define what pre-vegetated blanket is and how it is grown and transported.
  • Differentiate pre-vegetated blanket from traditional erosion control methods.
  • Identify the types of projects pre-vegetated blanket can be used on.

Presented by Robert Livingston – Owner & Inventor, GreenLine Synergy

Robert (Bob) Livingston is the owner of GreenLine Synergy and Creative Edge Landscapes, LLC, both in Twin Lakes, WI. Bob started in the industry when he was 12 where he worked alongside relatives and friends at a local nursery. He continued working in the industry while obtaining his fine arts degree from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). Bob remained in the industry working for a small landscaping firm and then ventured out on his own, starting Creative Edge Landscapes, LLC in 2006 and then GreenLine Synergy in 2009 only to expand Creative Edge Landscapes with a Millworks Division that celebrates urban forestry in 2011. His love of nature and landscaping, along with his formal arts education, enhances his insight into the green industry providing him with unique skills that he applies in all areas of each business – whether it be project design or creative problem solving.