Down Under Erosion and Sediment Control

Andrew Macleod, CPESC, CPSS

Crikey! How different is erosion and sediment control down under?! Don't they just do the same stuff we do in North America? Come say G'day and hear about the realities of erosion and sediment control in Australia and New Zealand. Learn about some of the challenges faced by Aussies and Kiwis in managing soil and water resources during construction projects, and see some of the innovations they've developed, especially around auto-dosed, continuous flow sediment basins.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Better understand the techniques and innovations used for erosion and sediment control in challenging geographic conditions.
  • Appreciate the need to adapt or modify products and techniques for erosion and sediment control depending on inherent constraints.
  • Say G'day Mate like a true Aussie.

Presented by Andrew Macleod, CPESC, CPSS – President, IECA Australasia

Andrew is the current president of the IECA's Australasian chapter, and has held that role for 7 years. In that time, he has overseen the growth and development of the chapter, including a doubling of its membership and a dramatic increase in the activities and events produced for chapter members. Andrew is one of the most respected voices for soil and water management in Australia, and has trained nearly ten thousand people over the past 15 years. In addition to his volunteer work with the IECA, Andrew is a director of an environmental and engineering consultancy that works across Australia. He has provided technical services on erosion and sediment control for some of the largest infrastructure, mining and energy projects in Australia over the past 15 years. Andrew lives in a small town called Bowral, about half way between Sydney and Canberra in eastern Australia. He is married to Inga and they have two children Luke (12) and Evie (10). He is a keen boat lover and will gladly try to convince anyone that cricket is the best game on earth!