Studies for the Diagnosis of Riverbanks Erosion

Presenters: Angel Menendez, PhD & Gustavo Salerno, CPESC, PE

Riverbank erosion may arise due to a variety of mechanisms, eventually combined. A proper diagnosis is fundamental to undertake stabilization measures. This presentation provides concepts, calculation tools and criteria in order to verify riverbank erosion diagnosis.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify different mechanisms of riverbank erosion.
  • Identify the type of information needed to perform diagnosis for riverbank erosion.
  • Use calculation tools to verify diagnosis of riverbank erosion.

Angel Menendez

Presented by Angel Menendez, PhD – Consultant, INMAC SA & Gustavo Salerno, CPESC, PE – President, Inmac S.A.

Angel Menendez: Ph.D. of The University of Iowa (USA) 1983, CPESC 2005, is a research engineer and consultant on hydraulic, hydrologic and water-related environmental problems. He works on flow, sediment, pollutant, and heat dynamics. He is Head of the Computational Hydraulics Program at INA (National Institute for Water), Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and permanent consultant at INMAC. He is an expert in development and application of numerical models. He has numerous papers in international journals and has been head of a variety of research projects financed by governmental, private and international funds.

Gustavo Salerno: CPESC 2006, is a 1996 gold medallist in Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires, and obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from Austral University in 2001. Mr. Salerno has been very active in the field of erosion control in Argentina through his work as a constructor or advisor for many Argentine state agencies. He is President of INMAC S.A., where he has also acted as advisor for the application of erosion control products for many companies in Mexico, USA, China, Japan and Australia. He has been President of the Iberoamerican Chapter of IECA and is a member of the Board of Directors of IECA.