NPDES Compliance Demands Much More Than Inspections

Steven W. Polk, PE, EMBA

The future of stormwater management is always just around the next corner. Does your firm have the systems in place to foresee what that future holds? Will your firm be ready when it's time to evolve? In 2019, Steve Polk was beginning to see that a major shift was about to take place in the green infrastructure marketplace. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to prepare for this new day for stormwater management professionals. This new day will revolutionize our industry and propel some firms to new levels of success. Others will wind up stuck in their old ways. Which do you want to be? If you want to manage this revolution in your business, please join Steve as he explains his vision and describes how he positioned Stormwater STL LLC not only to manage the transition - but to help lead his firm to the future he envisioned in 2019.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Articulate a new vision for the stormwater management profession.
  • Offer compelling reasons that stormwater BMP compliance demands much more that inspections.
  • Explain the benefits of a new service called a Comprehensive Stormwater BMP Compliance Program.

Presented by Steven W. Polk, PE, EMBA – Founder & Managing Principal, Stormwater STL LLC

After more than three decades of helping customers resolve zoning, site engineering and permitting challenges, Steve Polk elected to redirect his engineering business to the implementation of the NPDES Phase II regulations. Since that decision in 2008, he has focused his practice on the engineering, construction, inspection, testing and maintenance of post-construction stormwater BMPs. Stormwater STL LLC has grow to be the largest provider of inspections and maintenance in St. Louis, regularly inspects more than 185 projects four times each year, which provides well over 1500 BMP touchpoints each year and offers opportunities to see the components of stormwater quality systems in action. His research into stormwater regulations nationwide, coupled with dozens of presentations on stormwater quality issues have positioned Steve and Stormwater STL LLC as leaders in this rapidly evolving industry. Beginning in 2020, Steve has refocused the firm's marketing and sales strategy to move them away from offering inspection and maintenance services to selling the benefit of purchasing comprehensive post-construction BMP compliance services from a single provider that accepts responsibility for keeping their customer's multi-faceted assets in compliance with NPDES regulations.