Protecting Your Customers While Preserving Our Environment

Steven W. Polk, PE, EMBA

This program focuses on lessons learned since the NPDES regulations were codified in St. Louis in 2006. Growing continuously - from one post-construction BMP inspection in 2008 to more than 800 in 2020 - we've seen it all. All types of BMPs, most working as designed and some not so much. Today, Stormwater STL LLC occupies a niche market where diversity and specialization drive out-of-the-box thinking and the implementation of successful solutions for our commercial, industrial and institutional customers . Assessing failed bioretention/biodetention basins and restoring them to full functionality is a rapidly growing market, where we have exciting opportunities to tackle challenging problems. Steve Polk's goal is to pass on some of the critical things he has learned - in hopes that you can put them to use as you focus on Protecting Your Customers While Preserving Your Environment..

Learning Objectives: 

  • Articulate the complexity of post-construction stormwater BMPs
  • Explain why lowest construction cost may burden your customers with the highest life-cycle cost
  • Advocate for the importance of seeing post-construction stormwater BMPs in action

Presented by Steven W. Polk, PE, EMBA – Founder & Managing Principal, Stormwater STL LLC

After more than three decades of helping customers resolve zoning, site engineering and permitting challenges, Steve Polk elected to redirect his engineering business to the implementation of the NPDES Phase II regulations. Since that decision in 2008, he has focused his practice on the engineering, construction, inspection, testing and maintenance of post-construction stormwater BMPs. Stormwater STL LLC has grow to be the largest provider of inspections and maintenance in St. Louis, regularly inspects more than 185 projects four times each year, which provides well over 1500 BMP touchpoints each year and offers opportunities to see the components of stormwater quality systems in action. His research into stormwater regulations nationwide, coupled with dozens of presentations on stormwater quality issues have positioned Steve and Stormwater STL LLC as leaders in this rapidly evolving industry. Beginning in 2020, Steve has refocused the firm's marketing and sales strategy to move them away from offering inspection and maintenance services to selling the benefit of purchasing comprehensive post-construction BMP compliance services from a single provider that accepts responsibility for keeping their customer's multi-faceted assets in compliance with NPDES regulations.