Review of Incorporating Compost into North Carolina Roadsides

Christina Kranz, MS

After several years of working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, we have improved the current best management practices of compost incorporation for stormwater management, increased vegetation establishment, and reduced erosion. We will go over several years of research demonstrating how compost can be an effective tool on roadsides.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Be familiar with the potential benefits of compost incorporation in improving soil physical and chemical properties.
  • Understand how environmental factors alter improvements in soil physical properties.
  • Interpret the field results and apply the to their practices

Presented by Christina Kranz, MS – PhD Student , North Carolina State University

Christina is from Wisconsin and received her BS at Ithaca College and her MS at the University of Wisconsin. She is in her 3rd year as a PhD candidate in the Crop and Soil Sciences Department at North Carolina State University. Her work focuses on stormwater management along roadsides post-construction. She is investigating the optimal rate and incorporation depth of compost on roadsides to increase infiltration, water storage, and reduce sediment loss.