Drone Use in SWPPP Inspection & Design

Scott Sanders

This course will fly you into the world of using drones. How they can assist in your weekly SWPPP inspections, enhance SWPPP documents and maps. It will be a macro overview of the different ways you can introduce a drone to your business, to create a better product and improve compliance. Participants will learn the benefits of saving time and energy on their large development projects, to creating detailed SWPPP reports for even the smallest jobs.

Learning Objectives: 

  • After sitting through my presentation, participants will be able to compare the differences between SWPPP documents and inspection reports with and without using drone technology.
  • After my lesson Drones, Documents, Inspections, participants will be able to design accurate and informed SWPPP documents and Inspection Reports.
  • At the conclusion of my presentation, participants will be able to setup their own drone program to monitor SWPPP compliance.

Presented by Scott Sanders – Stormwater Manager, Emerald Site Services

I am from California, I spent most of my adult life living in the Bay Area, until I moved away to focus on my education. I received my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning (EPAP) with an emphasis on water management at UC Davis, my history of environmental advocacy started well before I was accepted into this program. The years prior to moving to Davis, California I was living in the Santa Cruz area. It was during those years, my awareness for environmental issues was heightened to a level that would guide my way of life and future. Specifically, water quality and water management were my main focus, but similar to an ecosystem, my passion is interwoven throughout all areas involving environmental stewardship. My first job out of college was working for Emerald Site Services, where I still work today. We are a full service solution for anything SWPPP related. During my time here, I started out as an inspector and it didn't take long before I was managing a team of inspectors. SWPPP compliance work came easy to me, and I enjoy every minute of it. Protecting our waterways is one of the most important things I will do with my life. As water, in my opinion, is our most precious resource, and unfortunately one of our least protected. I look forward to continuing my career in this industry and doing everything I can to help others feel the same way about protecting our water sources as I do.