Active and Passive Treatment Applications

Presented by: Nathan Holloway


The presentation will introduce Elements of Active and Passive Chemical Treatment and Filtration Techniques, review the appropriate applications of each and discuss performance standards. Brief case studies will be provided as examples and allow for a discussion forum to review Q&A to further explore the potential uses of these treatment applications and how they can be utilized most successfully from both cost-effective and risk management lenses.


Nathan Holloway has been active in the water quality industry for over 20 years and is proud to have worked his way up from an entry level technician to a leadership role as the President/CEO of Clear Water Services. Nate studied Oceanography and Environmental Science/Policy at the University of Washington and worked his way through school in both the restaurant and construction industries where he learned to balance customer service with a practical solutions-oriented work ethic. Nate and his team are well regarded for their ability to provide cost effective stormwater treatment solutions; ranging from high-flow active treatment systems to enhanced low impact development features, and the ability to form working relationships with key project stakeholders resulting in a high level of client satisfaction and regulatory approval.